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    Ship Agencies in Ghana, Lubricants in Ghana
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We are industry leaders in Ship Supplies, Bunker Suppliers, Ship Repairing, Reffling, Inspection and Certification of various LSA/FFA Items, etc. We are largest stockest of Bearings, Dog Assembly, Quick Acting Clents, Steel Bleaching, MS Plates, Angles, etc. We also supply new machinery like Turbo Chargers, Cylinder Liners, Piston-Crown, Rings, Hydraulic Pumps, Generators, Filters and much more.

Provisions Our range of food and beverage supplies is almost infinite, from local products to a huge range of specialties from all over the world. Fresh Provisions are all picked and packed on the day of delivery guaranteeing that the Crew receives the freshest goods with the longer shelf life which is vital during the ships voyage out at sea.

Bonded Stores We supply a broad range of bonded stores for the merchant ships’ slop chest, the scope covers all kinds of chocolates, sweets, and snacks, cigarettes, cigars and tobacco, all kinds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages up to the highest standards.

Deck & Engine Stores Our Technical Department delivers all deck, engine, electrical stores, such as stationery, medical supplies, mooring Ropes/hawsers, steel wire ropes, lashing gear, lifting gear, marine paint/painting equipment, pneumatic/electrical tools, hand tools, pipes, electrical cables, bolts/nuts, measuring tools and all kinds of nautical equipment which base on IMPA/ISSA standard or Non-IMPA/ISSA products.

Cabin stores For the vessels’ Galleys and Cabins we provide everything from glass to spoons, plates to saucepans, all kind of kitchen equipment or cloth and linen products. We are specialized in products for hygienic cleaning, all kinds of standard cleaning products as there are chemicals, laundry cleaner or even vacuum cleaner.

Ship Agencies in Ghana, Lubricants in Ghana

At Glory Ship Services, Ship Agency is our core business. We have perfect relations with ports (Tema and Takoradi), immigrations, customs and other authorities. We can offer and guarantee excellent services to any vessel coming to Ghana with reasonable price.

We provide a full range of high quality marine stores, in guidance with codes and descriptions to IMPA and ISSA standards. Our supply scope ranges from Provisions and Bonded Stores to all kind of technical items for your Deck, Engine, Cabin and Galley Departments.

Ship Agencies in Ghana, Lubricants in Ghana

We are a one stop suppliers of all marine and mines lubricant to satisfy our client needs, Our Hull mark is based on strict competitive prices ,trader credits, availability, logistics and supply support and this will give our client 100% satisfaction

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Ship Agencies in Ghana, Lubricants in Ghana